Dental Hygienist Service at Roe Street Dental Practice, Macclesfield, Cheshire

We all know that prevention is better than the cure, and seeing a dental hygienist regularly has been proven to offer the best possible course for preventing dental disease.


Our dental hygienist can provide you with not only an intensive scale and polish, but will also be able to help remove the build up of stains and help prevent the build up of dental plaque and calculus (tartar).


Regular hygiene appointments are the foundation of healthy teeth and gums. The hygienist can help treat and prevent gum disease, therefore potentially allowing you to keep your natural teeth for longer.


There has now been a proven link between gum disease and heart disease, so it has never been so important to maintain healthy gums as well as teeth.


For more information see our 'Fees' section, the hygienst services are also available through our monthly dental plan.



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