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At Roe Street Dental Practice we help you to adopt a healthy “preventative” approach to your teeth with a good brushing technique.  Many of the children we treat will, through good dental hygiene, avoid cavities and grow into mature adults without having any fillings. 


We will also advise you on the use of fissure sealants which help prevent tooth decay and the need for fillings.


There are many different types of dental filling.  At Roe Street Dental Practice we will discuss with you the best type of repair for your tooth and will offer you a tooth-coloured repair whenever possible.


Tooth coloured filling materials can be used to place aesthetic repairs in teeth and rebuild chipped corners invisibly. 


The main filling materials we provide are

  • Silver fillings (amalgam)
  • White fillings (composite-high durability and excellent cosmetics)
  • Porcelain
  • Gold
  • Glass Ionomer (a white filling material used in non load bearing areas or as a semi-permenant material)

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