Dentures at Roe Street Dental Practice, Macclesfield, Cheshire

Dentures are used to replace single or multiple missing teeth and are a removable option.


Three main catergories of dentures are available, all with their advantages and disadvantes;


  1. Acrylic Dentures
  2. Valplast Flexible Dentures
  3. Metal Dentures


Dentures can take up to four appointments for constuction and can be used as a temprary or permanent solution to missing teeth.


The main advantages of dentures are the fact that they are a non invasive procedure,there is no drilling or injections, as well as their cost. The main disadvantages are the fact that they are removable, so there may be some degree of movement as well as a 'foreign' feeling in the mouth.


Upon examination your dentist will advise you on which denture is best suited for you.


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